Education & SEND

Education is important?
Education is the process of gaining knowledge and understanding of the world, as well as
valuable interpersonal skills and experiences, which can be applied in the real world. It’s
essential for preparing people to overcome obstacles and various life experiences.
The main advantage of education is that it opens up doors to new opportunities and lead to
good careers; in a competitive world improving yourself can give you a better chance.
Overall, education is the foundation needed to reach towards aspirations.

How does education affect young people?
For young people, it is important because through learning they can navigate what their
interests and passions are in life, discover their talents and cultivate their strengths.
Moreover, education can shape the type of person who they want to become. Expanding
their minds and thoughts can help them to make better decisions and actions.
In addition, there are many ways it can develop one’s character by obtaining good morals
and ethics, social skills and attitudes towards other people. This is beneficial as society only
works if people learn to live and work in unison.

What is SEND?
SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and Disability. Young people with a learning
disability and/or disability are likely to require extra or a different type support from other
All schools have the duty to be accessible and inclusive for all young people in Warrington
therefore they should do everything they can do to support and accommodate each
individual and their needs. SEND young people have the right to receive a good quality
education without their learning disability and/or disability being an obstacle that may hold
them back them from meeting their full educational potential.
What is our Goal?
We as an organisation will be working together with schools and colleges within Warrington
in order to enhance education and improve school life in our town. We want to make sure
that our town is more inclusive to SEND young people and that student voices are
encouraged and heard. Most of all we want to promote and support all the young people of
Warrington so that they will thrive academically.

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